Real love: Walter and Viviana’s portfolio

Walter & Viviana

Proposal - Villa D'Este and Villa del Balbianello, Como Lake

Walter’s choice to propose to Viviana at Villa d’Este became an unforgettable moment for both of them. Starting as a romantic trip through Italy, it turned into a day filled with love and surprises.

Choosing a warm autumn day, Walter presented the ring amidst the timeless beauty of Villa d’Este. As they embarked on the next chapter of their journey, an iconic Vaporina of Como Classic Boat awaited them, ready to transport them to Villa del Balbianello.

Every corner of their adventure provided a perfect backdrop for a romantic photo session, each moment captured in the embrace of Lake Como scenery. Villa del Balbianello, known for its roles in both Star Wars and James Bond’s Casino Royale, their love story unfolded amidst the echoes of history and the splendor of the present moment.

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