About Andrea Pinacci: story of a passionate Wedding Photographer

Andrea Pinacci in New York, looking at the horizon
Andrea Pinacci, portrait of an event photographer

Something about me

Andrea is a passionate traveler. What He loves about his job is
travelling around the world to shoot destination
weddings, elopements
and proposals allows him to share
the emotions, tears, and traditions of
other cultures.

Discover the Artistry

Step into Andrea’s world where He capture life’s most precious
Specializing in weddings, proposals,
elopements, and engagements, He
freeze time with each
click, preserving laughter, tears, and tender
It’s a privilege to witness and immortalize these
celebrations of love. Through his lens, He weaves
a visual tale of romance
and commitment, ensuring each
image resonates with authenticity and
emotion, becoming a timeless narrative for generations to

Behind the lens of an event photographer

For Andrea, photography isn’t just about capturing images; it’s
a vessel for
storytelling, a means of preserving the
rich tapestry of human
experiences across cultures and
landscapes. As a traveler and a
listener, He is endlessly
fascinated by the diverse narratives woven into
fabric of our world. Each new culture He meets offers a
perspective, a chance to immerse himself in
traditions, and a privilege
to document moments of
connection and understanding.


Andrea’s style is Light and Airy, the photographs are Timeless,
Soft and
Refined At the heart of his work is a
commitment to capturing the unique and the exclusivity of the moment
Ready to explore further? Take a look at
the portfolio.



Client Feedback

Anna and David
David and I would like to thank you so much for taking such beautiful photos of our wedding. You and your team are so talented and we are very happy and grateful you were our photographer for our most special day of our lives. Anna & David

Anna and David

Kyle and Natalia
Thank you so much for everything today, you were amazing and created such a natural environment for us. I will never forget this. I will truly never forget how well you took care of us!

Kyle and Natalia