A romantic affair: Anna & David’s Portfolio

Anna & David

Wedding - Lake Como - Grand Hotel Tremezzo and The Anglican Church
Anna and David, hugging during their wedding day

A real love story from Australia to Lake Como, Italy.

In the photo gallery capturing Anna and David’s wedding, every frame is rich with detail and emotion. Italy was chosen for its profound connection to Anna Italian ancestry.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo: amidst the golden sunlight, Anna’s radiant smile illuminates the scene as she prepares for her special day, surrounded by her closest friends and family. David’s eyes reflect both excitement and calm as he dons his suit, anticipation palpable in every glance. As they got ready the gardens of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo became the enchanting stage for their first look.

The Anglican Church of the Ascension: inside the ancient stone walls of the Church of Cadenabbia, the solemnity of the ceremony is juxtaposed with the palpable joy radiating from the couple, preserving the sacred moment for eternity.

Bellagio Boat Service: As the sun begins its descent, the photo reel transitions to the tranquil waters of Lake Como, where Anna and David, hand in hand, embark on a boat journey with their loved ones. Against the backdrop of iconic villas, like Villa del Balbianello, Villa la Cassinella, Villa Balbiano, Bellagio, their love blossoms amidst laughter, embraces, and stolen glances.

Back at Hotel Tremezzo, the festivities continue into the night. Tables adorned with delicate flowers and flickering candles provide the perfect setting for heartfelt toasts and shared memories. The dance floor becomes a stage for joyous celebration, with Anna and David’s love story unfolding in every twirl and dip.

Throughout the gallery, candid moments capture the essence of the day – stolen kisses, tearful embraces, and heartfelt laughter – each frame a testament to the enduring love shared between Anna and David, forever frozen in time.

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